Best Worst Game Of The Week: Coastal Carolina v. UAB

Last week, I was wrong in my prediction, as Kansas lost to Central Michigan in a battle of the interesting mascots. I’ll try to do better in this week’s Best Worst Game Of The Week.

This edition pits #112 Coastal Carolina, the newest FBS team in the nation, against the #128 UAB Blazers. In fact, both are rather feel-good stories.

You may remember a few years back in December of 2014, UAB actually scrapped their football program due to financial reasons. Within six months, donors and alumni had raised millions, which effectively saved the program. However, due to players transferring, the need for new facilities, and so on, their plans were structured around the long term. The Blazers were on a break.


Now, they’re back in action in Conference-USA, chilling with a record of 1-1. Yay you, UAB, yay you.

The strength of the Blazers is certainly in the running game, which has compiled 588 yards and 6 touchdowns total in two games. They’re basically a dual-headed monster, carried by running back Spencer Brown and quarterback AJ Erdely. In terms of throwing the ball, Erdely hasn’t thrown a pick yet, but he also hasn’t thrown for an exceptionally high completion percentage (59%), so UAB loves to control tempo. They’re looking to bounce back in after a blowout loss to Ball State (who, don’t be fooled, also sucks at football).

Coastal Carolina is 1-0 on the year, after beating the worst team in the FBS land, the UMass Minutemen. As I said earlier, the Chanticleers are in their first year of FBS action. Their previous claims to fame was playing a 5-OT game back in 2010, their teal field, and their most successful alums in the NFL, Josh Norman and Mike Tolbert.

CC doesn’t have as much info to work with as other teams, as their lone game was a couple of weeks ago. In that game, quarterback Tyler Keane “torched” the Minutemen for  78 yards and a touchdown (on 9-17 throwing). But, they actually ran UMass out of their own stadium, to the tune of 321 yards, led by Osharmar Abercrombie’s (I promise you that’s his name) 149 yards and 2 TDs.

On paper, it seems like there won’t be much throwing in this one, so if you’re down for some smashmouth football, this just may be the game for you.

Kickoff is in Birmingham, Alabama at 1:00 on the campus of UAB. No notable network is offering to stream this game. Supposedly though, you have to act fast for tickets. At the time of writing (last night, 9:49 PM EST), there were only 17 left, available for $23.


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GIF from Gfycat.


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