Top Heisman Candidates Week 3

We’re two weeks into the season and there’s already been some decent movement among Heisman hopefuls. This year’s race is looking to be a battle of the QBs early, and with a number of impressive pro prospects at the position, this is to be expected. As the season continue, there are a number of running backs and other players that could fight their way to New York and upset the early season favorites. Here are this week’s top 5 Heisman candidates.

8647667-980x5. Sam Darnold, QB, USC: Darnold is one of top signal callers in college and led USC to an impressive win over Stanford this past week. While a lot of people have him higher up, I don’t for two good reasons; I don’t like him, for one. Second, he’s thrown four interceptions through two games. He has an impressive arm and can put up big numbers, but if the turnover total continues to rise his Heisman  Trophy chances will plummet.

Saquon-Barkley-by-Stephen-Dunn-Getty-Images-Penn-State-vs-USC-2017-DRC_9002_t1hhnz4. Saquon Barkley, RB, Penn State: Barkley would be higher on the list, but his team simply didn’t need the kind of production out of him last week. Barkley only rushed for 88 yards this week, but it was on only 14 carries and he added touchdowns to his receiving and rushing totals. With another easy opponent this week it will be interesting to see if Penn State opts to have Barkley continue his light workload or unleash him for a monster game against a lesser-skilled team.

usatsi_10270351_153192880_lowres3. Baker Mayfield, QB, Oklahoma: Mayfield and Oklahoma are flying high right now after just taking down 2nd-ranked Ohio State. Mayfield has thrown for 715 yards and six TD’s with no interceptions through two games, and at this rate Oklahoma will be a playoff team. This week, they take on Tulane, whose defense is nothing impressive, so the Oklahoma QB may be in for another massive game.

manish5s-3-web2. Josh Rosen, QB, UCLA: The Rosen One back again with another god-like performance, this time shredding the Hawaii Rainbow Warriors for 329 yards and eight TD’s with only three incompletions and no interceptions. Rosen is the most talented quarterback in college, and as long as he’s at his best UCLA will be to. Unfortunately that means pretty much any loss falls on his shoulders, which could deeply hurt his chances at the Heisman. If he can take this team to the PAC-12 Championship, and even maybe sneak into the playoffs, then the Heisman would be tough not to give to him. The big games are going to keep coming and with a game against Memphis, this week his stat line should be very similar to his previous two.

maxresdefault1. Lamar Jackson, QB, Louisville: There’s this guy out in Louisville named Lamar Jackson, with over 1,000 total yards on the season and eight TD’s with no turnovers. He also already has a Heisman, and the way he’s playing to start off the season could earn him a second. Jackson is the most electrifying player in college with a cannon arm and a running style similar to that of Mike Vick that will always impress. Unless he cools off like he did late last year, he could run away with his second straight Heisman.


Other Media via TheComeback, Landof10 and HighlightHollywood


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