The MAC Game of the Week: Akron at Bowling Green

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This matchup could easily be a Best Worst Game of the Week candidate but it should be a good quality and pure football game. We don’t get a bunch of those in the MAC so although this one will be a snoozefest slugfest of some bad teams, we’ll take what we can get.

Both of these programs outkicked their coverage on their schedules, so their mediocre record make sense when you realize that they’ve played programs like Penn State, Iowa State, Northwestern and Michigan State just to name a few. This is a big game for both of these teams, and a winnable one at that. Here are my Keys to the Game for both teams if they want to add another win to their record column.

NCAA FOOTBALL: DEC 22 Famous Idaho Potato Bowl - Akron v Utah State

Keys to the Game for the Akron Zips

  • Limit James Morgan. The Bowling Green QB has a knack for strong passing games but not being able to finish drives with touchdowns. Morgan will definitely get his in this game but for Akron it will be a matter of whether or not they can limit him enough to get the win.
  • Utilize the Play Action. The Falcons defense is not great and giving their defenders a little bit of doubt with the play action will make them uncomfortable. Both QB Thomas Woodson (above) and RB Warren Ball (below) could be the hero, it is just of matter of which of them gets going first.
  • Adapt to the Bowling Green Defense. The Bowling Green defense is nothing to write home about and they’ve struggled against both the pass and the rush. So if one facet of the game is working, don’t switch it up until you’re forced to do so.


Keys to the Game for the Bowling Green Falcons

  • Get the Run Game Going. Its no secret that the Akron rush defense is not good, it will be important for the Falcons to establish their ground game. A successful rushing attack opens up so many doors and it will positively impact the passing game.
  • Pressure Thomas Woodson. Woodson has thrown his fair share of interceptions so forcing him into tough throws and situations will be a major key for the Falcons. If Bowling Green can get an interception or two the could steal the momentum with it and perhaps the win.
  • Be Stingy Defensively in the Redzone. Field goals instead of touchdowns, that is the name of the game here. Bend but don’t break. Touchdowns give more momentum and obviously more points. If the Falcons can force a few turnovers and win the redzone battle this will be an easy win.

It might not be a pretty game but it’ll be a good one. For me, I’m going to go with a score of 28-20 in favor of the Akron Zips.


Cover Photo via USA Today

Article Photos via Today’s U and Akron Athletics


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