Why Isn’t Navy Ranked Yet???

Believe it or not, the Navy Midshipmen are one of only TWO teams in the entire FBS that are undefeated but still unranked. The other team is UT San Antonio who are 3-0 in Conference USA (with an impressive win over Baylor albeit but still not a member of a major or even a mid-major conference). So this obviously begs the question, since Navy is an unblemished 4-0 atop the American Conference why are they still not getting any favor in the polls?

Most people are saying that the Midshipmen have not played any teams worthy enough to be considered for the polls, but it is not as though they are paying teams to come play them for easy wins (sorry LSU, which paid Troy to beat them).


Last week’s win against Tulsa should have showed the voters all the needed to see. The Midshipmen were quickly down 14-0 to a strong Tulsa roster that was supposed to contend for the AAC title this season but have found themselves off to a lackluster start. Navy fought back, showed their mental toughness and resiliency and scored 31 unanswered points to cement this matchup into the win column. Once again Navy quarterback Zach Abey (above) was the star in the running game, piling up over 180 yards and 3 TDs.

I’m not sure what else Navy must show the voters to earn a spot in the Top 25 Poll but I doubt they’ll get a spot after this week’s game against Air Force. Most people will want to wait for their heavyweight matchup against Memphis in two weeks and rightfully so. If Navy continues to roll and upsets Memphis in Week Eight, there will be absolutely no reason as to why the Midshipmen could not be ranked. In fact, if for some reason they are not ranked I will be writing a strongly worded letter to the NCAA in protest.


The Midshipmen schedule is very difficult as the season progresses, they’ll have major games against Memphis, UCF, Temple, SMU, Notre Dame and Houston all in a row. Those games will lead up to the 118th playing of the Army Navy Game (above). After a disappointing loss to Army last season, that is a game that the Midshipmen absolutely will not want to lose. So it is extremely important for Navy to collect as many wins as they can this early in the season because a competitive stretch like that is extremely daunting.


Cover Photo via Capital Gazette

Article Photos via Boston Globe and Capital Gazette


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